Excellent Barolo crus

The excellent crus and suitable soil: this is the secret of the Winery Guido Porro, which cultivates eight hectares in Serralunga d’Alba, in the Barolo District, the very heart of the King of Wines. Barolo, Langhe Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera: these are the wines obtained from their three crus and the neighboring vineyards. They are the end result of a process which includes environmentally sustainable products, natural weed killers and organic fertilizers to respect the natural growth of the plants. The fil rouge is represented by the continuous search of quality also in the vineyard, with targeted green harvest before the real harvest to select the best grapes for the wine production.

CRU LAZZARITO: one cru for two wines. It includes the vineyards S. Caterina and Lazzairasco. The first has a south-western exposure, the second has a south/south-western exposure. With the grapes of S.Caterina, grown from vines which are about 30 years old, the cellar produces Barolo S.Caterina, round on the palate and full-bodied. Barolo Lazzairasco, made with the grapes of older vines (50 years) has a more complex structure.

GIANETTO: south-eastern exposure, it is made from the grapes of 5-year-old vines, their fist harvest was in 2011. The wine has positive features in perfume, body and structure.

VIGNA RIONDA: southern exposure, Guido Porro planted these vines in 2012: it is a new investment for Barolo produced in the area of Serralunga d’Alba.

Part of the vineyards located in S.Caterina are dedicated to Barbera vines, which are about 30 years old and have a south-western exposure. This Barbera d'Alba is full-bodied, fruity, perfect for a mid-term ageing.

The Dolcetto ‘Lpari is made from 30-year-old vines with a south-western exposure; it reflects the typical features of Dolcetto: vinous, fruity, concentrated.